GAPS Kids exists to provide a support community of hope.

The number of families dealing with food related illness is on the rise.  GAPS Kids is a support community designed to encourage hope for healing. Education about  nutrient dense, healing foods can be found through the GAPS healing protocol.

Finding support through the appropriate medical practitioner is an important part of healing.  GAPS Kids believes that whenever possible, it is important to have an experienced, certified GAPS practitioner to help along the journey to healing.

The ability to thrive comes from being fully nourished and fully supported. GAPS provides guidelines for nutrient dense, healing foods. GAPS Kids provides support and community for the transition to GAPS and road to healing.

“A future and a hope among friends.”


GAPS Kids was created in 2012 by Nichole Sawatzky to help connect families who are healing their children with GAPS.  After seeing GAPS save her own daughter’s life, she became passionate about spreading the same hope for healing that her family had found.  Beginning with a handful of moms, the GAPS Kids community has now evolved to have many valuable contributing families that are dealing with a broad range of symptoms and diagnoses.  The community currently supports families dealing with FPIES, Dravet Syndrome, EGID, Kabuki Syndrome, food allergies, autism, Aspergers, chronic respiratory problems, eczema, OCD, ulcerative colitis, sensory processing disorders, ADD/ADHD, failure to thrive, and many more.

GAPS Kids began in 2011 as an independent forum, and then migrated to a closed facebook group per the request of original members.  If at any time this format is no longer meeting the needs of the community, a new one will be found.

About Nichole Sawatzky, Community Founder

Nichole is a professional educator and blogger.  She started her 18 month old on GAPS in February of 2011 to heal a large list of illnesses, including FPIES, EGID, dissacharidase deficiency and seizures.  Since then the whole family has gone GAPS. with hopes for eating WAPF one day.  You can read more about her story at  Find her on twitter at, and currently writing at Hopecentric.

Our community is currently comprised of over 2,000 members. Please consider joining and adding your experience to our community today!

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