What is GAPS Kids?

GAPS Kids is a community resource designed for those using GAPS healing protocols with a child, and/or an entire family. GAPS Kids appreciates the unique questions and hurdles a family encounters on the way to healing a child, especially with a diagnosis of severe or life threatening illness.

Families who choose holistic options for intestinal healing often find lack of support in a traditional doctor’s office, making GAPS feel frightening and isolating. GAPS Kids provides a place of belonging and safety. Members can see stories of success and healing, as well as ask questions of experienced GAPS community members.

It is known that the earlier a child is placed on a path of healing, the more potential for profound improvement and complete recovery. GAPS Kids hopes to meet families where they are at, empowering parents and caregivers to make immediate changes towards health and healing.

GAPS Kids is a place of hope, sharing, and encouragement.

If you are looking for GAPS support while on the journey to improve, recover, or heal your child, please consider joining the GAPS Kids community.

More information on the creation of GAPS Kids can be found in the community mission.